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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, oh, and talk about what you don't want to wake to up after a nice long weekends, a messy morning out there. if you are headed out you'll find much of the area covered in a layer of that ice and slush. katie has the details on your forecast coming up. storm scan3 showing that system bringing wintery mix to the area. good news, though, temperatures are going up, but you definitely want to leave little extra time for that morning commute. developing right now, ambushed in center city. man is shot during attempted robbery in one of the city's busiest neighborhoods. good morning, it is tuesday, february 16th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with katie and meisha a i know you are both rather busy today, ladies, good morning. >> no dwindling thumbs today.
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>> no, certainly won't be, already seeing the camera shot, katie what's the storm say for me? i have to say felt warmer, you know, a lot warmer today than it did yesterday. >> absolutely starting to see surge on the they are mom term, i can tell this much, when i drove in, i saw the temperature really quickly, even just from driving say through the fairmount park section of the city in toward the vine street expressway. temperatures stat dollars to go up very rapidly. i really want you to keep close watch on your car thermometer this morning, especially if you're north and west of the city e temperatures are on the uphill climb. but still going to find the colder spots, by comparison, where it may still be awfully slick. even as you cross the country line, things can change. we've got icicles here on the camera lens outside high atop the hotel bethlehem. this is our bethlehem shot. you can tell by just looking on main street her in bethlehem that you have got obviously snow on the side there, but also, left over just slush and mess here on the roadway. flags aren't moving at all. nice calm winds. going next to storm scan3, not
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a heck of a lot locally falling from the sky. but you can still tell that there is a mixture taking place here, in the way you have got your temperatures outlined. you know, you will find if there were any precipitation falling to the ground would you have freezing rain, potentially would have some sleet. eventually the warmth is going to take over here. and then we see just a line of heavy rain move through. now, there is still freezing rain advisory posted that actually only lasts for another 28 minutes, for the counties shaded in that purple there. off across the northwest suburbs, so you might still see little hint of precipitation falling to the ground. let's look at temperatures, mount pocono already at 40. i don't want you to get, you know, just think that you can go out and expect that things will be totally fine though. reading, allentown, lancaster, all still into the low 30's, opinion ooh you're at all marginal on the car they are mom term, could easily be slick. watching nice surge on the thermometer even as we speak, that's only going to continue through the day, meisha, a we should top off in the 50's later on, next round of
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precipitation just rain. >> that's really nice, i'll training the rain at this point other than the snow. thanks for. that will good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. yes, on my way in i will say also very wet out there, just by the fact it is a little warmer, a lot of slush on the roadways, anything that came out of the roadways in terms of snow, now melting, so you are getting the slush. it will be slick. so certainly today, give yourself couple of extra minutes. this is where we have the first accident of the morning, schuylkill westbound before the pa turnpike pulled out to the shoulder so right now not causing too many slow downs but it certainly can as we progress through the morning, wu know the schuylkill gets very busy very fast. i will say a lot of people were off work yesterday. it was very, very slow in terms of volume level. it was good yesterday, that means, everyone will be hitting the roadways more than likely today. so give yourself couple of extra minute, where we the had accident. vine look good. see the glare on the roadways, letting us know it is wet indeed out there, not so much blackouts right around there, but you will certainly see it very wet and slick. ben franklin bridge, as well, you can see westbound, looking
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very wet as well. what happens when it gets so wet on the roadways; hydroplaning becomes an issue. be very careful, give yourself space between you and the car in front of you. >> well, here's what you will likely find when you step outside the door. icy crunchy sidewalks, slick roads like meisha talked about here. ice beginning to melt around the delaware valley. definitely do have it watch your step though. take it easy on the roads, want to check in with justin finch cruising around in the mobile or rather he stopped for us from the mobile three, in hatboro. how is it looking out there, justin? >> reporter: erika, good morning, so far so good. this of course will be a process throughout the morning. melting from the ice left behind from the freezing rain overnight. take a look down here, you see the shiny spot there, that's definitely ice, you step in it, it is slushy, but across the parking lot here at york street hatboro you can see where we transition from the ice to something a bit messier. >> this car here will have a mess to clean up this morning,
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speaking of messes it is covered in snow and ice. there are icicles all around it. they will certainly need scraper to get that cleared off. the good news is we have seen progress, we've seen plows and salt trucks out from our trip from philadelphia up here to hatboro. they are hitting the street, the roads, and the sidewalks, the majors you will find are mostly clear. it is the secondary at the shower streets where we saw some trouble coming up here, the hills were a problem, lot of slush and ice on them on the state roads coming up here, we also did see lot of fog, too, factor that, too, into your commute this morning, when you were walking again also trick some caution, because we found or rather i found some slick spots out here walking around. you'll need your boots. you will need that traction on your feet and on your car. if you don't have good tires, i can't foresee a problem, in some areas that compacted ice and slush could gave you a run for your money as you are making some tight turns and
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swerving around some cars out here this morning. so again, take it slowly, whether you are walking or driving. it will be a test of your patience, and the conditions out here, because again, they are changing throughout the morning, we have been at or just above or below freezing, so this melting process is going to take some time this morning. erika, back over to you. >> justin, thank you. good reminder to take it easy out there. right now following developing story. attempted robbery in the middle of center city leaves man in critical condition. it happened just before 1:00 this morning near 15th and locust street in center city. police say that the 38 year old vick tell was walking with a friends, when the mass suspect approached and announce add robbery. >> at this time, our victim just ran away. start today run south on 15th street from locust. that's when the shooter fired one shot from a semiautomatic weapon, striking our victim in
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the right arm. >> police are interviewing several witnesses. with so many businesses in the area, police are hoping to get surveillance video. >> no injuries reported in a fire on the 900 block of schiller street in kensington. firefighters had their hands full with flames, smoke, snow and rain. the fire broke out just before 8:00 last night, took crews about 15 minutes to get that fire under control. so far there is no word on a cause. >> and, happening today, governor chris christie will take the wraps off his budget plan before new jersey lawmakers. he is expected to deal with the transportation trust fund, which lawmakers say will run out of cash by july. christie's also expected to decide how much to pay toward the state pension fund. the address set for 2:00 this afternoon. >> with jeb bush behind in the polls, he's brinking in his brother to help him on the campaign trail. former president, george w. bush, appeared at a rally in north charleston, south carolina, it is the first time the 43rd president has campaigned, though candidates
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have discussed his presidency during debate. he told vote that's his brother has what it takes to occupy the oval office. >> and there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush has the experience and the character to be a great president. >> both george w. bush and his father, george h.w. bush, won the south carolina primary during their presidential bids. republicans vote on saturday. >> meantime, gop front runner donald trump continues to threaten lawsuit against texas senator ted cruz. trump first brought up the issue last weekend saying cruz is ineligible to run for president because he was born in canada. legal experts are divided on the issue since cruz was born to an american mother. trump saidel file the lawsuit unless rust stops airing false adds in south carolina now, south carolina democrats still vote week later on february 27th. before that the two democratic candidates will square off during the nevada caucus on saturday. hillary clinton held a rally
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in he will co, bernie sanders held a rally near detroit. he also met privately with small group of families affected by the water crisis in flint, michigan. pope francis travels to a mexican town of moreiella today to celebrate mass. city has been hot drug of -- hot bed of drug violence in recent years. during a mass yesterday francis helped lift a boy from his wheelchair to the alter. that will dramatic moment the holy father bless that boy before embracing him. the pope wraps up his five day visit to mexico tomorrow evening. all right, right now, 4:39. did you watch the biggest names in music took to the stage at the 50th annual grammy awards, right here on cbs-3. but the night belonged to two chart topping rap and pop artists. >> ♪ >> kendrick lamar con front dollars racial issues during his epic live performance, the rapper taking home five garage is including best rap albumn. he even won a grammy for his
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collaboration with berks county native taylor swift. swift won three grammys including albumn of the year. during his acceptance speech, she addressed kanye west recent dig at her on his new albumn. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to under cut your success, or take credit for your accomplishments, or your fame. but if you just focus on the work, and you don't let those people side track you -- >> good for her. mark ronson and bruno mars walked away with record of the year for their smash uptown funk. megan trainer took home the award for best new artist, much more on last night's grammy winners live from los angeles coming up in the next hour. >> still ahead here on "eyewitness news", three month after the deadly terror attacks in paris the california band eagles of death metal are returning to finish their concert. also, down south several tornados touched down leaving behind a trail of damage.
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and, power outages for tens of thousands of residents. we'll have the latest. here at home, though, a messy start to our morning, a look right now at the streets in manayunk overnight. katie and meisha will have the latest on your commute when we come right back. good morning.
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coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. >> happening today, show interrupted by gunfire last november, california bands playing with u2 in fairness december, it was the bands' first performance in paris since suicide bombers attacked a theater during their concert killing 89 people. today's concert will not be at the vat clan which remains closed will perform instead at the olympia theser. >> experts are investigating no less than three possible tornados in florida and mississippi this morning. in the florida panhandle a power outage plunged the town of century into darkness. firefighters went door-to-door looking for anyone in trouble
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and had to rescue one elderly woman from her home. in mississippi a school was heavily damaged by that severe weather. meanwhile, authority in washington state are warning of potentially fast and deep flooding today. because of that threat, some king county residents are being evacuated. the red cross has opened a shelter for them. in addition some area roadways are shutdown, though that did not stop the cars from testing the water. a warning, never do that. just reminder for you. >> we say that all the time. >> absolutely, still, warrants saying again. any flooding risky things today with the rain? >> i think it is absolutely possible, especially since we had some snow, had some ice, it will all start to melt away, that exacerbates the problem. and when the rain comes through it will come through very heavily. yes, we'll track it for you. let's start things off, localized zoom. at the moment we are hitting a bit of a lull. that's awesome. at least you are not dodging additional visibility problems out there, when it comes to any of the additional precipitation, but there are still pockets where you are finding at least scattered
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variety of some perhaps freezing rain or even sleet, still coming down, but the temperatures are really surging, and we look at the overall storm, in its entirety here, yes, not the most organized, i guess, not i guess, the most organized storm system, definitely have organization, but not the classic comma shape going on, rather the center of circulation here sort of driving through. so, it looks almost like i guess half triangle here. so you have got that really good surge every moisture seeping in here. and bringing with it eventually some very heavy rain to our area. now, we obviously had some snow yesterday. did very well, or didn't do too much at all depending on your location at philadelphia international airport. we pick up exactly an inch. could croyden picked up he an inch and a half. depending where you are, you had maybe more to shovel. we walk you through future weather here, what you notice it comes in the next round of precipitation, that; strictly as rainfall. likely as early as tail end of the typical morning rush, through at least our west most suburbs, the northern
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territory, lehigh valley, poconos, but we really are looking at this primarily as midday event. and notice, when it comes through it, comes through heavily. so, lunchtime you might want to order in. and then we hit the second half of the day here the kids are getting out of school, hopefully you put them in their goloshes headed out the door. jump forward, dow want to gave you a sense every what's in the seven day forecast, we do go on bit of baby roller coaster ride. milder air definitely the norm here. look at today's high, spiking to 57 degrees, but with wind driven rain to go along with it, there is always a trade off, erika, back over to you. >> still 57. katie, thank up. the anticipation build to go see who will be the nation's top pooch at this year's westminster kennel club show. learn who the winner are tonight. couple clear favorites. here they are, charlie there is guy terrior, and rumor the german shepherd two, top favorite. nearly 3,000 dogs are competing in the show. last year's winner was a beagle named miss pea. find out tonight. >> all right, still ahead this
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morning, lawsuit over facebook's birthday note any cases, we'll tell you what's happening. first though what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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welcome back, on foot, behind, it is a messy morning around our area, some slick spots, and limited visibility. even as the temperature rises, there could still be some icy spots on local roads. >> also, this morning, a 38 year old man is in critical condition after he was shot in the arm during attempted robbery in center city. police say a mask suspect confronted two men walking near 15th and locust just before 1:00 this morning and shot one of them when they ran away. investigators say, neighborhood cameras could help id that suspect. >> and, berks county's own pop star, taylor swift, she won the second albumn of the year, grammy last night on cbs-3, well con, taylor, ram err
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kendrick lamar won five awards, the most of the night. mark ronson and bruno mars, they won for record of the year for their smash hit uptown funk. >> all right, 4:50, time to see what's coming up in your business news today. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchanges, jill, market back open after long weekends, hoping for better week. how is it looking? >> once again focused on oil. surging on word saudi arabia and other opek members will meet today. will be discussing cutting oil production, so an over supply combined for global demand, has sent price as lot lower, sparked the sell off in world stock markets, on the bright side, though, prices at the gas pump are at decade lows, see how this one plays out. >> also, your birthday and on facebook, no ignoring you get hundreds every those messages, right? now there is a lawsuit because someone said facebook went too far. what are they saying? >> yes, florida man is suing
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facebook over those birthday reminders. he says facebook sent unauthorized text messages to his phone about friends' birthdays, which he claims violate the telephone consumer protection act meant to protect against telemarketing. the man want $1,500 per message. facebook is not commenting. erika. >> see what happens here, jill, thank you. you may have already tried them, today is the official launch of the crab fries chips. some stores began selling them, flavored after the popular crab fries and white cheese sauce, nearly 3-ounce bag sell for about 1.49 each. we'll be right back.
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>> fracking hint of precipitation. generally speaking most of the delaware valley is in a lull right now. that said let's take you out
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to the maps, right? want to see exactly what's going on. at this point you only have few little speckles of either green or pink showing up, temperature, depending on location, is absolutely critical, giles. winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 this morning, strictly at this point for the poconos, everyone else has seen theirs expire, that circumstances dow want you to be careful out there on the road. still is some slush to deal with. at least initially. you have got to keep a watch on the car thermometer. you might run into ice. even crossing county line, the way they treat the roads may have changed a little bit. so, you'll watch, potentially run into that, got to watch for that heavy rain comes midday, poor drainage flooding with that, potentially some flashflooding, as well, so slow travel is a issue. up ear's, today, guys, mild afternoon, but at least the here and now, you're still watching that surge take place. we're in transition, in other words, for the temperatures marginal in some spots t could be slick. little roller coaster on the thermometer in the next couple every days, really once past
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today we are essentially in the clear, no big storms in site for at least little while, meisha. >> yes, great news. >> fist bump. >> thanks so much, katie. that's great news. we just got to get through this morning. things actually looking okay. like katie pointed out, though, looking very wet in some areas you might still have some black ice, despite the fact in and around the center city area for sure just seeing a loft wetness. it is getting a lot warmer this morning, than of course it was yesterday. so, looking at right now 95 at the airport, see it is looking very wet. kicking up from the tires on to the windshield behind you. so give yourself some room of course in the car in front every you. don't slam on the brakes. you run the risk of hydroplaning. it will be busy morning, nine at south at the airport, looking okay right now. this is where an accident just cleared. the schuylkill westbound before the pa turnpike, pulled off to the shoulder, not causing too many slow downs, just too light of traffic right now for that. spring garden near brought looking good although you can see the snow and how wet it is and all of the speed restrictions in play on the majors down to 45 miles per
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hour. back to you. >> if you are headed out the door right now stay to up date with katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also, one of areas' largest unions using drones to monitor work sites. also, how 3d printers could be used to make organs for patients. and a local food pantry is in need of donations. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour here on "eyewitness news", shooting right in the march of center city we are live with the search for that gunman. also: touching tribute for some of music's greatest artists, plus the night's big winners. i'm terry okita in los angeles with the grammy highlight just ahead. >> and, hillary clinton plays attack dog. hear why she barks on the campaign trail. yep, back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> good morning, slick street, sidewalks, the freezing reason moved out of the area. still a big icy mess left behind. and more rain is headed our way, too. katie and meisha have everything you need to know as you head out the door. also, gunfire erupts in the heart of center city. now, a man is in the hospital after getting shot during that robbery. we're live with the search for the mask gunman. >> taylor swift makes history again at the grammys, she delivers a not so subtle message to kanye west. live in los angeles cents with the mess that you will be talking about today.
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good morning, it is tuesday, february 16th, i'm erika von tiehl. as we mentioned earlier, the roads are wet t could slow down your morning commute. also, there are a few school delays at the bottom of your screen. we want to check in with katie and meisha, a keeping our eye on things for morning. going to be a mess you. >> said t it is looking very wet, very slick out there, and already, seeing some accident in the cameras, we've had two already this morning. what's in store? we know the temps rupp. what's it mean for the roadways. >> anything throughout has a chance to moment. but we're in the transition right now where you can't count on it, that it will be warm enough as you travel around. county by county they may have salt dollars differently or not at all, some of the side street, just depends, and also as you're traveling, depending how far your travels take you and where you are going you will see the thermometer readings on the car thermometers ever changing. so watch for. that let's take you outside, start things off with a look at storm scan3, at the moment, hey, there is at least nice little lull going on essentially region wide. far north


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